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Will Ross

Name: Will Ross

Nickname: TWR (The Will Ross)


Facebook: TheWillRossAK

Instagram: TheWillRossAK

Date and Place of Birth: May 1, 1989 in Anchorage, Alaska

Current Residence: Anchorage, Alaska

Height: 5'8 or 172cm

Years Racing Fat Bikes: 7 years racing fat bikes, 16 years racing mountain bikes

Favorite Food: Kaeng Phed Curry with Beef, or any Thai Food, or Sushi, I have a weakness for Salmon Nigiri

Favorite Music: Johnny Cash, Eddie Vedder, Portugal. The Man

Favorite Movie: Ip Man, Kung Fu Panda, Off Road to Athens, 9 Ball Diaries

Other Sports: XTERRA Triathlon, Mountain Running, Back Country Skiing, Anything in the Mountains

Activities other than Sports: Director of Abominable Snow Series, Course director of ArcticCross Cyclocross Series, Playing in the Mountains with my dog Spot, and Hanging out at the cabins my grandparents built in the 60's and 70's

About Me: My name is Will. I like bikes and I hate carrots! Bikes have been a major part of my life since I was 4. My dad took me out on singletrack as soon as I got my training wheels taken off and that's when the passion for bikes began! At 17, my passion for bikes became a profession when I began working at Chain Reaction Cycles as a mechanic. Two years after being hired, Chain Reaction Cycles developed 9:ZERO:7 Bikes! I have been working at Chain Reaction Cycles and riding 9:ZERO:7 Fat Bikes ever since!

Career Highlights:


1st Susitna 100

1st White Mountains 100

1st Icy River Rampage

3rd Fat Bike Birkie

3rd Frosty Bottom 50


1st Fat Bike Birkie

1st White Mountains 100

1st Frosty Bottom 50

1st Icy River Rampage

2nd Arrowhead Ultra 135

2nd Susitna 100

10th USAC Fat Bike Nationals Pro Men


1st Fat Bike Birkie

1st Icy River Rampage

3rd Frosty Bottom

6th USAC Fat Bike Nationals Pro Men


2nd Fat Bike Birkie

2nd Abominable Snow Series

6th Frosty Bottom 50


2nd Frosty Bottom 50

2nd Abominable Snow Series


2nd Abominable Snow Series

Other Accomplishments: 

12th 2012 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships Pro Men

2x Top 20 at XTERRA World Championships

8x XTERRA Hammerman Triathlon Champion

5x Alaska Mountain Bike State Champion

6x ArcticCross Cyclocross Series Champion

4x Arctic Bike Club Mountain Bike Series Champion

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