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9:ZERO:7 was born in February of 2004 at the Susitna 100 winter endurance race in Alaska. Pushing their "fat bikes" equipped with uber-wide 44mm Snowcat rims through the night, Jamey Stull forged a friendship that ultimately resulted in the founding of Chain Reaction Cycles in Anchorage, Alaska. From this experience, Jamey and his original partner recognized both a need and a business oportunity to create a better fatbike;  a fatbike that met the demands of winter cycling in Alaska.


They took their passion for fat cycling to the next level, and developed and produced one of the first aluminum fat bike, the 9:ZERO:7, named after Alaska's only area code. From there, 9:ZERO:7 has been a leader in the "plus" market, constantly inovating to provide just the right balance of performance and price.

We're not late to the game.  We helped define the game. 

9:ZERO:7 Titanium 2008

160mm Symmetrical

Our first entry into the fat bike market and and we went all out with this one. At just over 3 pounds, it was the lightest fat bike available while also improving tire and chain clearance.

9:ZERO:7 Aluminum 2009

135mm Offset

The first mass produced aluminum fat bike on the market! We went with a 135mm offset design to give Pugsly owners a lightweight frame to upgrade to. Our original batch of 100 frames sold out before we even had our first one in the shop to build.  We knew we were on to something...

9:ZERO:7 Hydroformed AL 2011

135mm Offset / 

170mm Symmetrical

This bike changed the fat bike world with its industry leading stand-over clearance.  This design worked so well, we still use it in all of our bikes today.

9:ZERO:7 186mm Prototype 2012

We recognized the need early on for the ability to run 100mm rims with 5 inch tires.  We built a few of these to test the concept before the industry settled on the 190/197 hub standard. We eventually went into production with a 190mm, then the 197x12mm spaced frames and hubs. But this frame got us there.

9:ZERO:7 Whiteout Carbon 2013

197mm Thru-Axle Symmetrical

Generation 1 - Matte Green/Black or Orange/Black

Generation 2 - Gloss Black w/ Orange, Green, or Purple.

The first mass produced carbon fiber fat bike on the market. With two Fat Bike Birkie wins and a Fat Bike National Championship win to its credit, this frame is the gold standard in high performance fat bikes. 

9:ZERO:7 Whiteout AL 2014

197mm Thru-Axle Symmetrical

Generation 1 - Green, Orange, Polished, Purple, Black w/ White Logo

Generation 2 - Colored logo

With the advent of 197mm spacing, fatbikes saw a dramatic increase in stiffness and better clearance for a 11/12 speed cassette.  Our 197mm Whiteout AL brought all these advantages to the geometry of the 190mm QR.

9:ZERO:7 Whiteout Team 2016

197mm Thru-Axle Symmetrical

Gloss Black w/ White Logo

The Team Edition is the fastest of the fast - it's crafted out of Toray T1000 carbon fiber for an incredible frameset weight of 1150 grams.  That, combined with race proven geometry, makes this frame possibly the deadliest weapon in a winter racer's arsenal.  

9:ZERO:7 Slider 2016

170mm QR

Ano Black/Gloss Blue with White Logo

This is the older brother of the 135mm Slider.  The front end is borrowed from a Whiteout AL, while the rear of the bike is spaced to 170mm with a sliding dropout and breakaway seatstay for ultimate drivetrain versatility while still maintaining clearance for a 100mm rim and 4.8" tire.  

9:ZERO:7 Tundra 2016

197mm Thru-Axle

Ano Black/Green or Teal/Gold

Tundra is a four seasons friendly successor to the classic Whiteout.  It's got a shorter headtube, shorter chainstay, routing for a dropper post, and a slight weight savings for extra summertime fun.  Who says a fatbike can't be a year round bike?  

9:ZERO:7 Squall 2016

177mm Thru-Axle

Blue/Green or Pink/Green

Squall is the first high-end hydroformed fatbike frame designed specifically for the younger (or shorter!) rider in mind.  Kids - we want you to have fun.  Parents - we want you to have fun, and we want you to be able to share that with your family.     

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