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Tyson Flaharty

Name: Tyson Flaharty  

Nickname: Tank 

Date and Place of Birth: 6/28/1985 Fairbanks AK 

Current Residence: Fairbanks 

Height: 6'1" 


Years Racing Bikes:10 

Years Racing Fat Bikes: 3 


Favorite Food: Salsa and Cheese can make any food amazing 

Favorite Music: Almost anything that sounds good 

Favorite Movie: Zoolander, Blade, Star Wars, Joe Dirt... So many good movies 


Other Sports: Ironman Triathlon, XC skiing, backcountry ski, road race, running,  

Activities other than Sports:  Work and 2 kids 


About Me: Me and my wife Davya have 2 kids, Eevy and Fynn.  I spend lots of my time managing Goldstream Sports and ordering lots of stuff.  I had goals for a while to go for the 2014 Olympics in xc skiing but that faded away once I realized I needed to make money and biking took over.  I like it when it is cold.  Below zero is where my happy place is.   


Fatbike Career Highlights:  



2nd Iditarod Trail Invitaional 350 

1st Fairbanks Winter Fatbike Stage Race 



 2nd Susitna 100

 1st Tannana River Challenge 



 2nd White Mountains 100

Photo By Heath Sandall

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