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Julien Schroder

Name: Julien Schroder

Nickname: Here in Alaska people tend to call me the french Guy.. They say I have an accent…


Facebook: /


Date and Place of Birth: 02/06/1985 Amiens - France

Current Residence: Anchorage

Favorite Food: I love cheese.. And whatever it can be eaten with!

Favorite Music: Pretty much anything depending on the mood

Favorite Movie: Any movies/documentaries with cool landscapes, preferably cold and mountainous as well as some lame movies/TV shows while editing pictures.

Hobbies: Photography would be my main one, then hiking, climbing, biking, skiing, dog sledding, whatever can get me out in the wild shooting

About Me: I moved to Alaska 5 years ago for a job at the University, my goal was to explore as much as possible and capture/share the beautiful scenery I encountered. I have been extensively hiking south of Fairbanks and recently moved to Anchorage to discover new landscapes. In the winter, I spend a lot of time taking pictures of sled dog races, trying to reach beautiful location along the trail either skiing or more recently biking, in order to share with the fans the environment in which the dogs travel

My Photo Gear: I am a Canon user as it has proven to be the most reliable in cold temperatures (down to -65F). Depending on how much I can bring with me I carry things like : 5D mark IV, 16-35mm, 100-400mm, 24-105mm, and some prime for when it gets dark : 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm… Then all the necessary accessories like Tripod etc, remote, filters.. etc

Photo By Heath Sandall

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