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Josh Chelf

Name: Josh Chelf

Date and Place of Birth: I was born in Northern Wisconsin a couple days before Valentines Day in the winter of ‘86

Current Residence: Anchorage, AK

Height: 5’9”

Years Racing Bikes: I have never been into racing. I have always been into competing but in sports like football, Wrestling, baseball etc. My very first race (of any kind….) wasn’t until I did the first Abominable Snow Series (ASS) race about 5 seasons ago

Years Racing Fat Bikes: About 5 years

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Music: There isn’t much I don’t like. It depends on what mood I’m in! Most of the time, we have Pandora playing The Lumineers, or Mumford & Sons or something similar.

Favorite Movie: Oh gosh, you can ask Megan on how many movies I can actually sit through….its not many;) Hmmm…

Other Sports: Not into too many right now. I’d love to get more into thing like Backcountry Skiing, packrafting and some more bikepacking, but those aren’t really on the table right now with small kids….. On the other hand, showing my boys all the sports/activities available to them is a blast! They have really liked skiing in the winter!

Activities other than Sports: Camping, Fishing, Hiking, rafting, Fires,

About Me: I grew up in Northern WI on a Mink Farm. I was always into sports and did pretty well in the sports I was involved in. I excelled most in Wrestling earning a State title in 2004 (2nd twice before that). I decided Wrestling was the sport of choice for college while I attended University of Wisconsin—LaCrosse. While attending UWL, I earned a BA in Physical Education Teaching and a Masters in Outdoor Pursuits and Adventure Ed. I was also able to become a 4x All-American, an Academic All-American and win 2 Nationals Championships. After graduation, I was on the lookout for a job out west and the first one I landed was in Anchorage! Since then, we (Megan Chelf and I) have set deep roots in Anchorage with Great Friends, Amazing Adventures, two you children (4 and 5 years old), and the best fatbiking in the country!

Career Highlights:

-1st, 2ND and 4th place finishes at White Mountains 100 in Fairbanks

-Current Course Record holder at White Mountains 100

-I’ve won overall Abominable Snow Series in Anchorage every year

-1st 2nd and 3rd Place Finishes Talkeetna Trio

-3rd Place at Susitna 100

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