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John Sindell

Name: John Sindell

Nickname: John "The Moose" Sindell

Date and Place of Birth: 8/3/1976 Atlanta, GA

Current Residence: Anchorage, AK

Height: 6’


Years Racing Bikes: 10

Years Racing Fat Bikes: 5


Favorite Food: Beet juice

Favorite Music: Poopsmith Song by Over the Rine

Favorite Movie: Talladega Nights (SHAKE AND BAKE!)


Other Sports: Besides cycling? nah


Activities other than Sports: Hiking, Camping, Mountaineering, Technical Rescuer for Alaska Mountain Rescue Group


About Me: John came to Alaska from Seattle as a 100% roadie. After a “warm up” winter to develop something resembling technical riding skills, he started to show some promise as a fat bike racer. While John has yet to climb on to the top of the podium of a fat bike race, he promises his big win is right around the corner (if he could just hold his line through that corner). In 2015, John finished his 16 year career at Microsoft to be a full time stay-at-home dad to his son that was born the same year.


Career Highlights:

2016 Susitna 100: 4th
2015 Frosty Bottom 50: 5th
2015 Fate Bike Birkie: 9th overall
2014 Fat Bike Birkie: 3rd age group; 11th overall

2016 Tour de Suisse Challenge Prolog: 1st
4x Arctic Bicycle Club Hill Climb Series Champion
2x Tour of Anchorage Champion
2012 Washington State Championship Road Race (Masters 35+): 1st
2012 Washington State Championship Road Race (Pro/1/2): 3rd
2011 Washington State Best All Around Road Rider (Masters 35+): 1st

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