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Name: Amber Bethe

Date and Place of Birth: October 21 1974, KI Sawyer Air Force Base, Michigan

Current Residence: Anchorage, Alaska

Height: 5’4”

Years Racing Bikes: 6

Years Racing Fat Bikes: 4

Favorite Food: Thai food and almost anything spicy.

Favorite Music: Mumford & Sons, live music

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride


Other Sports: Trail running, skiing

Activities other than Sports: Exploring Alaska waters through my job, climbing mountains with Maddie my crazy runner dog, and knitting.


About Me: For me cycling began when I was 18, going to college in Fairbanks and without a car. I commuted all over that first summer and have been exploring by bike ever since. Winter biking in Fairbanks in the 90’s was a little different than it is today, I rode a skinny tire hybrid bike on hard packed mushing trails, stayed warm wearing bunny boots, and used pogies that were fleece lined and made for an ATV. And oh how I coveted the people with Snowcat rims, one of the original fat tires. I purchased my first snow bike in 2012 and haven’t looked back, I love the places it takes me and the conditions we can ride through. Long winter rides are my favorite, endurance racing is my idea of a good time, and I hope to see you out there on the trails this winter!


Career Highlights:



1st Icy River Rampage

2nd Soggy Bottom 100

4th High Cascades 100

4th Bailey Hundo

4th White Mountains 100



1st White Moutains 100

2nd Susitna 100

2nd 12 Hours of Disco

8th Fat Bike Birkie



1st White Mountains 100

1st Soggy Bottom 100

2nd Frosty Bottom 50



2nd Iceman Cometh Challenge (Ice Bike Division)

2nd Frosty Bottom 50

Amber Bethe

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